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    Welcome to Avera & Smith

    Avera & Smith has been representing Floridians for more than 65 years. Our legacy is one of personal service and genuine care for our clients and local community.

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    Decades of Service in Florida

    When Bill Avera began practicing law more than 65 years ago, he set the high standards of practice that have made Avera & Smith the successful firm it is today. And our commitment to never treating our clients like numbers has always remained. You can expect caring service, experienced attorneys and state-of-the-art supporting technology.

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    Big Wins for Our Clients

    Avera & Smith represent Floridians in and out of the courtroom. From personal injury claims and workers’ compensation to criminal defense, the firm’s legacy is that of personal service and genuine care for its clients. In 2019, the Gainesville law firm has achieved more than $58 million in awarded verdicts for its clients.


  • $5 Million

    Traffic Accident

  • $9 Million

    Traffic Accident

  • $30.8 Million

    Traumatic Brain Injury

  • $15.5 Million

    Wrongful Death

  • $37.5 Million

    Drunk Driving

  • $19 Million

    Engle Progeny

  • $13.5 Million

    Smoking Suit

  • $11 Million

    Workers' Compensation

Who We Are

Avera & Smith has been representing Floridians for more than 65 years. Our legacy is one of personal service and genuine care for our clients and local community. This has not only earned us a great reputation, but also helped us get fair settlements and successful trial verdicts for our clients. From horrible automobile and truck accidents to lives destroyed by tobacco, Avera & Smith attorneys are here to help you get the justice you deserve. Our clients show courage every day, and we work tirelessly to give them hope for the future.

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Practice Areas

  • Workers Compensation Claims

    Serious Personal Injury

    If you need a Gainesville lawyer to handle your personal injury case, call us. We are the law firm Gainesville trusts to get justice and the compensation you deserve. From car and motorcycle accidents to other serious injuries, we have the experienced attorneys Gainesville residents can count on.

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  • Workers’ Compensation & Work-Related Claims

    There are very few board certified workers’ comp lawyers Gainesville can turn to for help. In fact, there are less than half of 1% in the entire state of Florida. Lance Avera is one of them. He is the Gainesville lawyer you want on your side if you’re involved in a workplace accident. He and his team have recovered millions for our clients.

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  • Criminal Defense

    Criminal Defense

    When facing a criminal charge, you need an experienced Gainesville lawyer. Our criminal defense team are the attorneys Gainesville knows will fight for their rights. If you’ve been arrested for assault and battery, drug possession, DUI/DWI, theft, white-collar crimes or other offenses, we can help.

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  • Personal Injury Laws

    Medical Malpractice

    Sometimes, and more often than you’d think, medical professionals make mistakes that can severely impact the health of their patients. We are the law firm Gainesville relies on to recover damages related to negligence and many other cases involving medical malpractice, such as pharmacy errors, a failure to diagnose and more.

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  • Business Law

    When business disputes arise, we are the attorneys Gainesville companies call. That’s because we have over 65 years of experience handling complicated matters that could affect your business. Make sure you’re represented by a Gainesville lawyer who knows the city and the law.

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  • Elder Exploitation, Abuse and Neglect

    Placing an elderly parent or loved one in the care of someone else is never an easy decision. You want the best for them. However, when it comes to nursing home negligence and other forms of elder abuse, Florida has its fair share of cases. Our firm is well-versed in elder exploitation law. Put our legal services for the elderly and their families to work for you.

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  • Inheritance, Will, Trust and Estate Disputes

    With state-wide experience handling will and trust disputes, Florida attorneys Avera & Smith are the team you want at your side. Our expertise with estate and inheritance issues, including power of attorney and trust disputes, has helped clients receive the justice they deserve.

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Resource Hub

Visit our Resource Hub for helpful information on specific issues and educational materials, including blogs, videos, white papers and more.

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